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8 Adorable baby minion costumes that are so cute you wanna die!


1. The cutie pie From 2. Rockin the overalls! 3. Watcha lookin’ at? 4. The minion in a fluffy blue dress 5. Minion twinsies! 6. Too adorable for words… 7. Say cheese! 8. Like a boss! Need to buy…

Watch Minion Dave and Stuart make silly fart noises!


10 Adorable Minion Cakes You’d Wish on Your Birthday!


Do you plan on throwing out a minion themed party anytime soon? Check out these cute and adorable minion cakes that are just too precious to eat! 1. Minion Kevin with Fart Gun Cake   2.Hula Minion Cake…

New Minions Funko Pop 2015


With the upcoming release of a new minion movie, Funko pop has released five new minion in their growing Despicable me Collection! Here are some of them! Click on the image to be directed to the product page.…

Minions 2015 – Trailer #2


Check out the 2nd trailer for the upcoming Minions movie, featuring Sandra Bullock as Scarlet Overkill

Minions Super Fan video


Check out this new minions short clip from Illumination Entertainment, featuring the minions and the excitement over the upcoming Minions movie coming this July 2015!

12 Days of Minion Gifts


We know how stressful it is to come up with a Christmas list, especially if you’re playing Santa to a community. But since everybody loves the Minions, we decided to list down 12 minion gift ideas to help…

Minions Christmas Choir for AMC Theatre


Video from AMC Theatre

Despicable Me Minion Bed!


OMG! If minion toys aren’t enough to satisfy your minion cravings, check out this huge minion bed! 🙂 It even has arms you can wrap around yourself! You can get yours here: Minion Bed