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How to speak like a minion


Okay, so one of the things we love about the minions is the way they speak! Needless to say, we’ve watched a lot of Despicable Me videos just to listen to them sing or say cute stuff. In…

Despicable Me Back to School Minion Supplies


And so it’s time to go back to school! And while most of us reuse the same stuff we have last school year, there are some supplies we need to buy just because, well, we need them. And…

New Minions movie 2015 release date


It’s official! Universal Studios and Illumination Entertainment has just posted this image on their Facebook page! New Minions movie will come our on July 10, 2015! And you know exactly what this means! Minion madness!!

How to dress up like a minion


Whether you’re going to a birthday party, goofing up with your friends or getting ready for halloween, suiting up as a despicable me minion is fun! Both kids and adults can dress up as their favorite minion! Check…

Despicable Me Minion Language


Because we love them so much, here are a list of some words with their “Minionese” counterpart!

Happy – Pharrell Williams


Start your day right with Happy by Pharrel Williams

A Who’s Who of the minions [INFOGRAPHIC]


In this infographic, you’ll know more of our beloved minions and their quirks! Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.  

I Swear Minions Song with Lyrics


I Swear Minions Song with Lyrics (Scroll down for the lyrics) Ah , Laopoda. Talachi , Matol , Lina. Ah, Labadi , Hochi, La , No chaaa. Wu pla na chii , leh ji Fuh pa pu seh…

Y.M.C.A Despicable Me Minions Song with Lyrics


YMCA Minions Song with Lyrics (Scroll down for the lyrics)   Mocha, fa les duo ma laki, boji. Mocha, fa ta qii ba dada, boda. Mocha, Linguini Banaki, Loto lato leh boo hey la…. mia mia mia mia…

Despicable Me Talking Minion Toy


Who doesn’t love those cute little yellow, banana loving creatures? Well, guess what. Here’s the closest thing we have of a real live minion! It kinda reminds me of the furby toy, only this one is not annoying…